Sydney 2020

Ah Sydney. The land down under. Where you have sharks in the water and shrimps on the barbie. For me, its the place I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice in the last 2 years. I was first there back in August 2018 in the middle of their winter – but to me, this was more […]

January 2021

What a long January it’s been, does anyone else agree? In fact, you haven’t read anything from me for almost a year and strangely enough, it doesn’t seem that long ago I sat down and told you all about my trip to Sydney. The less I type about 2020 the better, so lets pick up […]

My 2021

OK….I feel terrible. I’m that friend that never text you back. I’ve said this in the past but I am horrendous at posting anything that isn’t a quick snap on the old IG, so true to character, I’ve neglected this blog for almost a year….at least I’m consistent? In all seriousness, I have missed this […]

My Tattoo Removal

Coming Soon…. So, my 2021…it actually surpassed all of my expectations in so many ways, the first being able to leave a job I’d been for almost 10 years. If you didn’t know, I worked in the motor industry for all that time, not in the same role, I had a few different ones but […]

My 2022

I did it again, I sat at my desk on December 28th 2021 telling you that I’m going to post more to my blog and I ignored you, I’m sorry. If I’m honest, 2022 was a year filled with growth, death, depression, excitement, nerves and struggles….to name a few, but I sit here, in 2023, […]