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Sydney 2020

Ah Sydney. The land down under. Where you have sharks in the water and shrimps on the barbie. For me, its the place I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice in the last 2 years. I was first there back in August 2018 in the middle of their winter – but to me, this was more like a Scottish summer – this time, I visited in the height of summer….that was an experience BUT, I had the time of my life! 

I’ve never really been one to travel, I didn’t enjoyed family holidays when I was a teenager and as soon as I turned 16, I stopped going on holiday. That was until I went to Cyprus 3 years ago and then Sydney in 2018.

My first visit to Sydney was short, I was only there for 10 days and then stopped off in Dubai on the way home so when the opportunity came up for me to visit the magical city again, and for the length of time (3 weeks), I jumped at the chance.

I won’t bore you with every little detail of the trip and everything I did, instead, I’ll pop some photos  and give you a little blurb of what you’re looking at.

Where I Stayed

This time around, I stayed in a very quiet area of Paddington, a suburb of Sydney. This area was full of boutique shops and little restaurants all connected in an area called Five Ways.
The view from the apartment was incredible (first picture above), it looked out to Rushcutters Bay (to the left) and The Harbour Bridge in the distance.

Every morning, I was greeted by 2 rainbow lorikeets. Yes, they always sounded like this.

What I Did

For Valentines Day, I got to  watch The Sydney Symphony Orchestra perform a bunch of  classic love songs from various different romantic movies. These ranged from Romeo and Juliet, Titanic and Disneys UP, to name a few. It was hosted by the incredibly handsome Osher Günsberg…enough said.

One of my days was spent taking a backstage tour of the Opera House. This was possibly one of the most interesting thing I did on the trip, to see behind the scenes and how this iconic building operates was eye opening. I had a blast! Unfortunately, I couldn’t take many pictures but heres what I was able to capture. 

I took a train over to Milsons Point one day to explore the other side of the bridge and get a glimpse of the iconic Luna Park (which was closed – sad face).  This was a great view point for the Opera House and the bridge, it was nice to see the city from the other side of the water. 

Bondi. I don’t really need to go into much detail, its a beach. A very pretty beach which also houses the popular Icebergs Swimming club. This famous pool floods instagram with its unique style and views of the beach. I LOVE how the waves crash up and over the wall into the pool, its beautiful. A sight to see.

What I Bought

Here is the video I made on what I picked up on and just before my trip, please give the video a thumbs up and if you haven’t already, subscribe to my channel.

I did have a few things on my Wish List I wanted to tick off this year and one bag in particular was the Grand Sac (pictured below). I managed to see the bag in 2 variations but ultimately, the bag would be too big for me to use on a daily basis, I don’t carry enough to justify buying such a big bag and I think I’d regret it. I have kept the bag on my Wish List incase I start to carry everything in my closet.

I hope you enjoyed having a look at some of the things I did and the photos along with it, this trip to Sydney was incredible. I feel so lucky that I was able to go back a second time and do everything I did (there was so much more than what I’ve posted but not many pictures to accompany a story). 

One day, I hope go back again, being someone who about 10 years ago could think of nothing worse than go on holiday to now feeling like Sydney is somewhere I could possibly call home blows my mind, I never thought I’d be that kind of person again but I’m glad I am and got to experience this city, twice.

As usual, if you’d like to see more, there is a section on my Instagram account dedicated to Sydney, if you want to have a look at some other pictures not posted here.

Instagram: @chrisobv

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