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Louis Vuitton District PM

With summer right around the corner and my holiday creeping up faster than I’d hope, purely because I’m not ready to be spotted by the pool with a packed of Cool Original Doritos in my hand, I thought it was time to start looking into purchasing a summer bag.

Lets rewind a little. I’d been back and forward with the District PM for a month or so. I loved the size, then I hated the size and thought I’d never be able to fit everything in it. I then I wasn’t sure on the print or If I was to chubby for the bag. I should also point out, If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m very indecisive. Im a Libra…apparently its in my nature. When I finally made up my mind to get it, Louis Vuitton changed the design of it and I felt it looked really cheap (from pictures I’d seen) and I instantly fell out of love with it.

Present day, I took a wander to my local Louis Vuitton store, Edinburgh, with a friend for her to pick up a new bag. To my surprise, the store had the old style District but I stopped myself buying it. The main reason being financial. I was in the middle of a pretty big purchase already, so I left it.

Not a week later, I found the same bag on Yoogi’s Closet. I bought it without any hesitation.

The ad mentioned there was some wear, which I didn’t mind at all. Its a bag….its bound to get beat up after all.

Overall, I’m so happy I managed to get this bag and even better that I got it pre-loved. This was my first major purchase from the pre-loved market and I think I might do it more!

For a more in depth review of this bag and my thoughts on it, here is the review I did on my YouTube channel.

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