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Clinique iD Moisturiser

As I approach the age of 30, I’m becoming more and more conscious of what I use on my skin on a daily basis. This change of routine happened last year, when I decided to stop using drugstore ‘dry skin’ moisturiser and try something a little more tailored to my skin type.

In 2018 I began my journey with Clinique after walking through the beauty department in my local Debenhams and speaking with one of their skin experts. She convinced me to book in later that day for a skin consultation and to tailor some products to me, so being the sucker for a good sales pitch, I came back an hour later and spoke about my skin. I left feeling like I’d just been invited to a secret society…and I loved it.

My skin is extremely sensitive and have found that any slight fragrance in anything I use can have an adverse effect on my skin. This could range from red blotches and spots to very dry and flakey skin appearing around my face.

So with that discussed, I left the counter with a bag FULL of new products to try out and make myself look 21 again, which I’m still waiting to happen, but I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin since switching to Clinique over 2 years ago.

In my first shop, I was given everything from the Men section of the shop to try out. I picked up the moisturising lotion, eye cream, face scrub, charcoal face wash, exfoliation tonic, maximum hydrator water gel and a sonic brush. I don’t know how much I spent but I’m SO glad I did.

Over the year, naturally my product choices have changed within Clinique, I’ve tried some amazing new products but one in particular in the last few months has been an absolute stand out for me and my sensitive skin has been the Clinique iD Moisturiser. This new product allows the shopper tailor a moisturiser to their skin needs and its done in the easiest way!

The first step in creating your custom moisturiser is to choose your base. For this, Clinique give you 3 to choose from.
Once you have your base down, this is where you’d choose which area of your skin you have the most concern with. There are 5 cartridges that you can choose from, each with different ingredients to target your main skin concern.  (see the chart above)

I won’t bore you with each of the cartridges, so I’ll focus on the combination I’ve chosen to roll with, which is the Moisturising Lotion base with the Pores & Uneven Texture cartridge. For me, my pores are something I’ve struggled with for a few years and have tried numerous makeup cover up options, which worked but I wanted to reduce the amount of products I was using on my skin on a daily basis. Naturally, when I saw that this was one of the options to target, I jumped on board. 

I’m not one to share something I haven’t had  a good result with, but this moisturiser has done what is described above, after you apply it to your face, your skin appears instantly polished and after 1 week, my skin was noticeable more radiant, this was mentioned numerous times by friends and family which has given me such a confidence boost and I have no doubt that as it says, by the end of the bottle, there will be a visible improvement on my skin texture. For that, I really wish I’d taken some before pictures, to get an idea of how well this has worked but I can say with no doubt, my skin is looking and feeling the best it has done in years.

The price point for this magical lotion, I feel, is very reasonable, considering what you get for your money. For a 115ml base and a 10ml cartridge this would cost £36 all in. I know Clinique is a little pricier than drug store moisturisers, but as I mentioned above, I’ve tried numerous products and nothing has worked as well for my skin than the Clinique iD moisturiser. 

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