About Me

Hi, I’m Chris and welcome to CHRISOBV.

I created this website for two reasons. Firstly, as a distraction from other things in my life and to keep my mind busy through them. Secondly, I found myself restricted to Instagram with what I could post and get my point across without multiple posts on the same thing.

I’m a lover of the simple things, especially when it comes to my interior design projects but on the other end of the scale, I have a love for Louis Vuitton – I use the word love loosely because it’s a real obsession.

As I also begin to creep up on the jolly old age of 30 (September 28th 2020 being that day) I thought It would be a good idea to start looking after myself. This is probably something I should have done a few years back, but better late than never? I define looking after myself by having some sort of routine in place for my skin (Im still working on it) actually going to the gym I joined and rarely used.

My grammar may not always be on fleek but join me in this journey of discovery into a new me, some new bags and some general chat along the way!

– Chris